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Prevention Program

360 Youth Services is dedicated to helping youth make healthy choices and preventing youth substance use. Through highly recognized programs and initiatives – The Power of Choice, Youth Prevention Education, Naperville Operation Snowball, and Community Alliance for Prevention – 360 uses a variety of proven prevention strategies to best serve our mission and community in order to reduce youth substance use. 360 is funded by local, state and federal grantors to provide best practice substance abuse prevention for students and their parents in the geographic boundaries of the 203 & 204 school districts. These programs are supported through valuable partnerships with Naperville Community School District 203, Indian Prairie School District 204 and community partners.


Operation Snowball


Snowball - New Logo

Experience Your Potential!

Fall ’19 Retreat Dates

October 25, 26 & 27

  School Contacts

NNHS: Mrs. Costanza – Health Office

WVHS: Mrs. Ratchev – Pride House

NCHS: Ms. Fertel – Student Services

MVHS: Mr. Solgos – E220 Office

NVHS: Mrs. Marple  & Mr. Gerald – Senior House


snowball pictureOperation Snowball (Naperville Chapter) is fondly referred to as “Snowball”. It is a fun, engaging and popular youth leadership development program. 360 Youth Services partners with Districts 203 & 204 to coordinate this teen-led and adult supported program for area high school students.


Presented in a weekend retreat format in a safe and respectful environment, the program addresses challenges facing teens which help:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Strengthen positive coping skills
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Expand decision-making skills, especially regarding drugs and alcohol
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Enhance respect for self and others
  • Refine personal goals and values
  • Strengthen communication strategies
  • Expand leadership abilities

Presentations, workshops, activities and small group discussions all combine to empower teens to make healthy life-style decisions and have a positive impact on their peers. The name comes from the idea that, “If I have a positive impact on you, you can have a positive impact on someone else, and the effect Snowballs”. The program began as a teen and adult led alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse prevention program, and has expended into a program that addresses many additional issues relevant to teens today.

Click here to view Snowball video


The Scoop on Snowball

Snowball weekend retreats are held annually every fall and spring at Camp Nageela, about 90 minutes from Naperville. Each retreat begins on a Friday, which is considered a field trip and an excused absence from school. Snowball retreats are planned by a group of adult and teen directors who work together to choose the theme, workshops, skits, and large group sessions. Operation Snowball’s Naperville Chapter was established in 1985. Read more about the history of Operation Snowball



What happens at a Snowball retreat?

After a “meet & greet” and a bus trip to camp, participants are divided into small groups, which become “family” for the weekend. The weekend includes mini-workshops that range in intensity from reliving kindergarten or traveling through an “A-Maze-Ing” maze, to discussions about grief and loss. The weekend also features a “no-talent” talent show on Friday night, free time, and lots of chances to meet new people, or see old friends in the dorms, at meals, or at other activities. Learn what kids are saying about the Snowball experience.

Each Snowball weekend is planned by teen directors and a teen staff (with adult staff), who know the issues facing teens today. It is an opportunity to find out what others think about the things that are important to teenagers. Every activity has a learning objective that builds on their inner strength and self-awareness to expand their perspective on life.


Who attends Snowball?

Snowball is for all high school students in Districts 203 and 204 who would enjoy having fun while making friends in a positive, affirming environment where teens are able to talk with each other about issues important to them.



Registration packets will be available in all schools on Monday, September 9th.  Registration closes Monday, September 30th, and all registration forms (white pages insert) must be returned to your school contact by that date. Registrations are not confirmed until completed registration forms and a check for $235 are turned in to your school contact.    Upon confirmation, you will receive a packet of detailed information, including maps, event expectations, and a checklist of what to bring. Registrations are taken on a first come, first served basis and fill quickly.


School Contacts

Return Completed Packet To:

NNHS: Mrs. Costanza – Health Office

WVHS: Mrs. Ratchev – Pride House

NCHS: Ms. Fertel – Student Services

MVHS: Mr. Solgos – E220 Office

NVHS: Mrs. Marple & Mr. Gerald- Senior House

How Will Students Use What They Learned in Snowball in Their Lives?

“The self-assurance I acquired at Snowball and the healthy plan I chose, were put to the test in college, and even more when I joined a fraternity. However, the Snowball experiences taught me to step back before I acted, and to have confidence in myself to make smart decisions in spite of ribbing.”  A former Snowball participant

“Personally, I am certain my relationship with my wife is stronger because of the social and communications skills I learned in Snowball.  Professionally, as a school counselor, Snowball is at the root of everything I do.” Past Snowball participant and leader


What is Family Day?


Families are an important part of the lives of our Snowball participants and as such parents, other family members and friends are included in a very special day – Family Day. During Family Day, family members learn about Snowball and the unique experiences it offers to all involved. Learn what to expect during Family Day.



Snowball is a great place to:

  • Make new friends
  • Play games, jump rope, be on stage, and be heard
  • Participate in small group experiences
  • Discover something about yourself
  • Learn about things teens have in common, as well as all the ways that you are unique
  • Learn about ways you can impact other teens and younger students

Important Forms

Skit Submission Form – Available Fall 2019

Staff Application Packet – Available Spring 2019

Adult Staff Application Packet Now Available

Event Registration Form- Now Available

*The minimum age requirement to attend as an adult participant is at least four full academic calendar years post high school graduation.

Registration Packets – Available in all schools beginning Monday, Sept. 9th 

Registration Closes Monday, Sept. 30th

Event Schedule – Now Available

FAQ’sNow Available

Directions To Camp Nageela – Formerly Camp Henry Horner

“If I make a change in myself, then have a positive impact on you, you can have a positive impact on someone else, and the effect snowballs.”


The Power of Choice

360 Youth Services coordinates this highly effective and proven drug and alcohol abuse prevention campaign for students in school districts 203 & 204 and their parents. The Power of Choice initiative focuses on correcting misperceptions about the prevalence of substance use and emphasizes that most students are making healthy choices regarding tobacco, alcohol and drugs. It utilizes classroom presentations, posters, journals located in school bathroom stalls, and many types of media and communication tools.

Ultimately, the high school based program acknowledges that when a community consistently supports its students’ healthy choices, the number of teens making healthy decisions about substance use actually increases.

The Power of Choice also includes a junior high/middle school communications campaign for Districts 203 & 204 students and their parents. This campaign is designed to build skills of resilience that will move them toward a healthy, drug-free future.

Visit the Power of Choice website for the full picture of how the number of substance- free youth are increasing through the high school, the 6th-8th grade and the Parents Use Your Power campaigns. For more information contact Jen Lezan Power of Choice 6-8 grade Coordinator at 630.961.2992 ext.1124 / [email protected] or Janyce Hamilton Power of Choice High School Coordinator at 630.961.2992 ext.1122 / [email protected]


Community Alliance for Prevention

The Community Alliance for Prevention was founded by 360 Youth Services in October 2013 to strengthen our community in order to prevent and reduce youth substance use. The Alliance was developed to encourage the local community to organize for youth substance use prevention. The vision of the Alliance is our community proactively working together, using best-practice substance abuse strategies, to promote community-level change that impacts our youth. Our community includes all those living and doing business within the geographic boundaries of 203 & 204 school districts.


 Visit the Alliance website for more information about this important community collaborative dedicated to preventing and reducing youth substance use.  Contact Matt Cassity, Alliance Project Coordinator at 630.961.2992 ext. 1149 or [email protected].


Youth Prevention Education

360 Youth Services implements the Too Good For Drugs (TGFD) evidence-based drug education curriculum. TGFD is a school-based program designed to reduce students’ intention to use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, while promoting prosocial attitudes, skills, and behaviors. The program seeks to build the self-confidence of students so they are better able to make healthy choices and achieve success. TGFD specifically emphasizes five social and emotional learning skills that have been shown to promote healthy development and academic success:

  1. goal setting
  2. decision making
  3. bonding with pro-social others
  4. identifying and managing emotions
  5. communicating effectively with others

360 Youth Services Prevention staff implement the middle school curriculum. The curriculum is delivered for a minimum of two years, designed to build off the previous grade level, requiring students to develop skills and use these skills year after year. The lessons are delivered once a week and are highly interactive so students have the opportunity to participate, learn, and receive recognition for their participation. Each lesson promotes the opportunity for cooperative learning, role play, small group activity, games, class discussions, and skill-building exercises. The curriculum typically consists of ten forty minute lessons with an additional lesson on opioids:

  1. goal setting
  2. decision-making
  3. identifying and managing emotions
  4. effective communication
  5. bonding and relationships
  6. the effects and consequences of alcohol use
  7. the effects and consequences of tobacco use
  8. the effects and consequences of marijuana use
  9. inhalants and street drugs
  10. the effects and consequences of opioids
  11. course review

For additional information please contact Youth Prevention Education Coordinator, Niki Partacz, at 630.961.2992 ext. 1125 or [email protected]






Karen Jarczyk
Prevention Director
[email protected]
630.961.2992, Ext 1128

Kate Keir
Snowball Manager
[email protected]
630.961.2992, Ext 1130

Janyce Hamilton
Power of Choice High School Coordinator
[email protected]
630.961.2992, Ext 1122

Jennifer Lezan
Power of Choice 6-8th Grade Coordinator
[email protected]
630.961.2992, Ext 1124

Matt Cassity
Alliance Project Coordinator
[email protected]
630.961.2992, Ext 1149

Niki Partacz
Youth Prevention Education Coordinator
Youth Advisory Committee Coordinator
[email protected]
630.961.2992, Ext 1125