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New Group for Teens – SPARCS

New Group to Help Teens Overcome Stress

 We are happy to announce the beginning of a new group at 360 Youth Services, called SPARCS. SPARCS was specifically designed to address the needs of teens who are experiencing ongoing stress that also affects how they function. This may include difficulties with controlling emotions, how they see themselves, relationships at home and school, and questions about their meaning and purpose in life. The goals of the program are to help teens cope more effectively, connect with others, establish supportive relationships, and discover their own unique purpose.

 The SPARCS group will meet weekly for 12 weeks, and is for high school age youth. Not sure if the group is right for your teen? Call Margot Smith, Clinical Director at 630-961-2992, Ext. 1143 or [email protected] to hear more about the program and how it might help.

 (SPARCS, Structured Psychotherapy for Adolescents Responding to Chronic Stress, is an evidence informed group for teens experiencing ongoing stress.)



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