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THP Brochure - Four Teens in Kitchen All Wearing Jeans #2When housing is uncertain, everything in a young person’s life seems to fall apart. 360 Youth Services is committed to supporting youth from experiencing homelessness to independence, and offering the supportive and compassionate services needed to get them back on their feet and headed in the right direction.

Cornerstone Group Home for Boys

THP Brochure - Man in Front of Microwave #3Cornerstone Group Home is a short-term, residential group home for boys, ages 13-17, who are unable to live with their families, many times due to an abusive situation, or emotional and behavioral instability. The program not only provides a safe and welcoming place to live, but also stresses education and offers support services such as counseling and life skills groups in order to prevent teens from further involvement in the juvenile justice or child welfare systems.


The activities at Cornerstone both educate and evaluate each boy’s individual needs. The program is designed to help residents with anger management, problem solving, alcohol and drug education, relaxation, family dynamics, communication, and academic achievement. Rules and structure help residents learn how to set goals and make better choices.

Personalized Support

Each boy in the program works with trained staff members to create an individualized plan focusing on his goals. In order to help each young boy grow, group sessions, as well as individual therapy, is offered weekly or as needed.

Resident’s Profile

Boys are referred by many agencies in DuPage County and throughout Illinois. Agencies include DuPage County Probation, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and other service organizations. Residents must be male, between 13-17 years old, have parental or guardian consent to participate in the program, and meet other specific program criteria.

Transitional Housing

360 Youth Services is proud to offer Men’s, Women’s and LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning) Transitional Housing Programs serving youth experiencing homelessness. The men’s program serves male-identified individuals, ages 18-24, the women’s program serves female-identified individuals, ages 18–21, and the LGBTQ+ program serves individuals of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions, ages 18-21. Individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities or expressions are welcome in all programs.

In addition to housing, residents participate in a structured program that focuses on improving education, employment and life skills with the ultimate goal of securing permanent housing and achieving independence.

Apartments for the program are located in Naperville and Lisle and support services are offered to residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Programs range from 18-24 months.

Residents of the Transitional Housing Program are generally referred to the program by homeless service providers in DuPage and Kane Counties, but all are welcome to inquire.


THP Car Wash Two Men with Hoses Washing CarsResidents of Transitional Housing work a structured program with the goal of achieving permanent housing and independence. Upon entering the program, each resident’s needs are carefully assessed and an individualized contract is created and agreed upon by the resident and staff. Contracts typically address issues including curfew and expectations for apartment maintenance, schooling, budgeting, use of support services such as counseling, and giving back to the community through monthly volunteering experiences.

Many residents of the program struggle with substance abuse issues and as such abstinence from all mood-altering substances is strictly enforced.



Personalized Support

THP Brochure - Yasmeen High Five #4Each resident of the program works with a professionally trained staff member who provides them with personalized support and intervention in order to help them achieve their goals. The following services are offered to each resident:
• Housing in a fully furnished apartment for up to 24 months
• Assistance and support in developing a personalized case plan that identifies goals and steps to achieve them
• Staff availability and support available 24/7
• Life skills training addressing such topics as budgeting, grocery shopping on a budget, and maintaining a clean home
• Assistance in completion of a high school diploma, GED program or similar educational program
• Support in searching for and securing employment
• Assistance in securing affordable housing and accessing community resources including other service agencies and educational institutions
• Participation in the Seven Challenges Program, an evidence-based, award winning initiative developed to support young adults who struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Resident’s Profile

Participants in the program must be homeless young adults, ages 18-24 years old (Men’s THP) or 18 – 21 years old (Women’s & LGBTQ+ THPs), who are:
• residents of DuPage or Kane Counties
• willing to complete high school or a GED program
• free of serious substance abuse problems and willing to abstain from drug and alcohol use
• free of outstanding warrants for arrest
• willing to participate in a background check
• testing with an IQ above 70
• willing to obtain and maintain employment
• willing and able to sign a program contract indicating their commitment to program rules, expectations and personal goals

360 Youth Services Housing Privacy Notice


Adolescents and young adults are coping with far more personal and social pressures than any other previous generation. By matching them with a volunteer mentor, young people can find the support they need and better develop skills effectively deal with these pressures.

Who Needs a Mentor?

THP Brochure - Cover African America Teen Holding Book #1Young adults ages 18-24 years old, live in our Men’s, Women’s and LGBTQ Transitional Housing Programs in Lisle and Naperville and were previously homeless. While living at 360, our residents focus on education, improving life skills and securing employment with the goals of being self-sufficient and living on their own.

Boys ages 13-18 years old currently reside in our Cornerstone Group Home in Lisle, are energetic, and sometimes struggle with issues related to trust and authority. These children are often involved with 360 Youth Services as a way to prevent them from becoming involved in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems.

How Can You Help?

We are looking for volunteer mentors who are . . .

• Mature, kind, accountable, compassionate, supportive, open-minded and a good listener
• Able to make a one-year commitment including weekly contact with the person you are mentoring
• Able to pass a background check and TB test, and to participate in training
• A minimum of 21 years old

Open your heart to someone who needs you.

Click here to apply to be a mentor today! If you have additional questions, please contact Hali Aldridge, Mentor Program Specialist, at [email protected]



For more information,
Contact Carolyn Wahlskog,
Executive Director
630.961.2992 ext. 1168